MarediModa was established as a point of reference for beachwear and lingerie producers. Its intent is to unite different groups in the textile industry in a joint effort, with a commitment to defend the quality and creativity of Italian products, and bring added value to the Italian textile business, which has already established its leadership in terms of tradition, uniqueness and prestige.
MarediModa has three divisions, each of which specialises in a particular textile sector.

  • Gruppo Mare was created in 1988, inspired by the Italian Silk Association and its organisational success, business and guarantee of quality.
  • Following in the footsteps of Gruppo Mare, Gruppo Intimo joined the Corporate Group in 2006 to help promote the importance of lingerie in the textile industry.
  • MarediModa S.c.a.r.l. completes the Group, and its goal is to promote communication, market innovations and events, above all at the annual trade shows of MarediModa and IntimodiModa.