20 April 2017

Interview with Anne Marie Commandeur, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam

Mrs Commandeur, let’s talk about Stijlinstituut. Could you please describe your activity, in particular the cooperation with companies?Stijlinstituut Amsterdam is an agency that consults the fashion and interiors industry with a...

13 April 2017

The new advertising campaign of MarediModa

After a great start on the occasion of the last trade show, the Athleisure project becomes wider by enriching MarediModa of a new and important area (not in terms of space but of product) allowing the Cannes Trade Show to stand...

11 April 2017

MarediModa announces the trend board for the next edition

The "brain storming" phase of the new MarediModa Trend Board has been officially kicked off last Tuesday, April 11, at the MarediModa head office aiming at forecasting the upcoming beachwear, intimates and athleisure...

27 March 2017

Athleisure: the new casual wear

Athleisure, the leading trend since 2010, is growing and widening its horizons in the name of Fashion & Function. This trend has been a brainchild of the Canadian yoga wear brand “Lululemon” and has grown thanks to the new...

22 March 2017

Interview with Maryan Mehlhorn

Behind the curtain of Maryan Mehlhorn beachwear brand there is a designer holding the same name. Who is Maryan Mehlhorn? Where does she come from, which are her origins, her career?

How did you discover your passion for fashion?...