18 October 2017

Rocle by Isabella, prints on knits and woven jacquard

This season, Rocle by Isabella, presents his highly creative swimwear collection at MarediModa. As last year, this range is a mix of prints on knits and woven jacquard .

3 stories will be presented to our...

18 October 2017

Maglificio Ripa Splash Collection Summer 2019

Refined, Innovative, Glossy, Audacious. The 2019 Summer Splash collection by Ripa is a concentrate of pure style and creativity: a new approach to the beachwear universe ranging from “classics with an unprecedented twist” up to...

18 October 2017

Generos de Punto Fabres, textile tradition and innovation.


In our new collection, we are introducing new structures, textures and jacquards following the latest trends of the market, mostly we get the inspiration from the sea nature and from Mediterranean culture. Most of the fabrics...

18 October 2017

Espunto new collection: exotic textures and 70s nostalgia

Espunto collection will mainly follow two of the themes defined by MarediModa


Chosen for its connection to nature with its deep colours and exotic fabric textures. Our designs and colours are inspired by this...

18 October 2017

Taiana Blu summer collection 2019

The 2019 summer season by Taiana Blu is welcoming optimism and joy of living while standing out as a concentrate of pure vitality under the unique and exclusive signature Taiana. As to man’s wide room has been granted to...