18 October 2017

Iluna launches a new innovative and eco-friendly beachwear collection

ILUNA GROUP is leading the way in responsible innovations in intimate wear and beachwear, Iluna DDNA mixes unique values as: made in Italy, know how, sustainability and style that brought to the creation of the ILUNA GREEN LABEL...

18 October 2017

Platinum accessories with a soul

Our accessories are a mix of fragments, different personalities, so the mute style... feeds on ideas... .PLATINUM is the fashion of detail.

We know how to combine what we see with other perceptual experiences, building a circle...

18 October 2017

Extra, prints, eco fabrics and athleisure

In a more and more global world where single markets however keep their specific features, Extra strives to provide customized creative proposals with speed and flexibility, aiming at meeting needs of each single customer and...

18 October 2017

Rocle by Isabella, prints on knits and woven jacquard

This season, Rocle by Isabella, presents his highly creative swimwear collection at MarediModa. As last year, this range is a mix of prints on knits and woven jacquard .

3 stories will be presented to our...

18 October 2017

Maglificio Ripa Splash Collection Summer 2019

Refined, Innovative, Glossy, Audacious. The 2019 Summer Splash collection by Ripa is a concentrate of pure style and creativity: a new approach to the beachwear universe ranging from “classics with an unprecedented twist” up to...

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