13 April 2018

MarediModa: a powerful adv campaign

The creative definition of the new advertising campaign of MarediModa has started out after an in-depth study and development stage. The protagonist of this year’s campaign is an idealized woman embodying a concentrate of strength, energy, creativity and charm. A modern wonder woman with unique powers and a strongly fascinating characterization. This very first advertising phase will bloom further images shot in other different contexts enabling to decline the message in many directions without losing its starting point. In brief, after the excellent result achieved last year with a first "experiential" campaign for the Cannes trade show, the present trend is moving on towards a more authentic and distinguishing message which wants to be more contemporary and lively compared to the widespread stagnancy that often accompanies the adv of tradeshows.
The exclusive outfits made by ISGMD, the far-out prototypes manufactured with fabrics supplied by some MarediModa member companies put on evidence their transversal versatility: from beachwear to underwear passing through athleisure.

Watch the backstage video of the 2018 campaign: CLICK HERE