01 March 2018

Not only a trend. Athleisure a matter of fact.

According to some fashion magazines it should have been just a passing fad. Nothing more than a temporary turmoil to be observed with reserve. Facts are showing something different: it would be enough to take a walk, in any city center,  wherever in the world, makes you aware of it. Presently, the macrotrend athleisure appears to be a final destination rather than a station of transit. This race, which seems to be unstoppable, is unveiling improvisors and real experts of the industry, fire and darkness. After Pitti Immagine Uomo, Milano Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, we may define "athleisure" as " the trend of wearing informal clothes on formal occasion". The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has sealed the consecration of athleisure on simultaneous broadcast, a borderless catwalk crowded by famous brands: Armani EA7 for Italy, Stella McCartney for Britain, Polo Ralph Lauren for the Us athlets, the Lacoste crocodile on French uniforms, DSquared for Canada, Hugo Boss for Germany and H & M for Sweden.

It seems to be a kind of tectonic movement, unique in its kind, which is shifting the plaque of sportswear against the one of formal clothing, redesigning styles, occasions and habits as well. Nowadays everything seems to be accepted: formal dress code disappears if you feel comfortable  in your, no matter the occasion might be.

The athleisure has stepped into a second phase; it’s evolving, it’s being contaminating and at the same time it defiles related and non-related segments, crucially catching on with menswear. It is not a coincidence that, during the last edition of Pitti Uomo, one of the biggest issue has been the “phenomenon athleisure " and the debut of the Athlovers project dedicated to sports-inspired clothing.  It is also increasingly connecting to the world of streetwear both for its fashion and technical design which turns into 'streetnic'  i.e.technical, stretch  clothes showing a street style as stated, a year ago, by Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon.

This phenomenon has no limits, especially among the very young, athleisure is the new casual, catching on the new generations in countries such as India (as highlighted by Indian blogger Divyamaben) and even in Egypt (as highlighted by the Trendinegypt.com site)

In Hong Kong, the trend does not seem to decrease; on the contrary it’s leading to a new idea of retailing,  linked to wellness and well being. Caelum Greene (https://www.caelumgreene.com/), the multi brand store dedicated to lifestyle is becoming a phenomenon not only just among young people.

MarediModa caught immediately t this new spirit, interpreted and analyzed it on the occasion of the last trade show through workshops and on purpose installations really appreciated by visitors. A video in particular celebrated athleisure through images and claims taken from the s “about us” sections of some leading brands. A complete overview on the different aspects of the phenomenon athleisure told by those who deal with it.

Exhibitors at the Cannes trade show, i.e. the best European textile companies, have made investments and spent energy to present innovative, high-performing and up-to-date collections, exclusively designed for the world of athleisure without forgetting sustainability. Save the date from 6 to 8 November at the Palais des Festivals for a new not to be missed edition of MarediModa.