19 March 2018

Textile-fashion: growth expectations

In the first six months of 2018, the Italian textile-fashion industry should record an increase of 2.6% compared to the same period in 2017 as estimated by Sistema Moda Italia according to the  forecasting framework of the International Monetary Fund and the ECB2 .

In particular, the textile industry should experience an increase of + 2.2%. Clothing-fashion, on the other hand, could also increase by 3%. Exports should maintain, from January to June 2018, the same trend of 2017 i.e. a growth of  3.1%. At the same time, imports should show a variation of + 2.4% compared to values reached in January-June 2017, when it recorded a trend of + 1.6%. In consideration of these figures referring to foreign trade, the trade balance for the textile-fashion sector will show a further improvement of + 4.8% compared to the first half of 2017. Thanks to a business to business component and to a stabilization trend of consumption, apparent consumption should consolidate. In the final analysis, both with regard to active companies and operators, a progressive adjustment is expected: the textile-fashion industry seems to have found a new structural balance following the significant downsizing processes resulting from the crisis in the 2005 and 2009. Companies are estimated to be substantially stable, while operators should remain in recovery, with a slight variation of + 0.2%.

Source SMI – Intimo retail