18 October 2017

Iluna launches a new innovative and eco-friendly beachwear collection

ILUNA GROUP is leading the way in responsible innovations in intimate wear and beachwear, Iluna DDNA mixes unique values as: made in Italy, know how, sustainability and style that brought to the creation of the ILUNA GREEN LABEL line, that uses only recycled and GRS certified materials. Moreover, Iluna switched, for all production, from regular stretch yarn to the unique world-first GRS certified family of ROICA™ Eco Smart family premium stretch fibers that comes at least 50% of recycled pre-consumer waste.

In the beachwear collection, Iluna Group presents matching sarongs with fringes and all-overs, with contemporary, innovative and, above all, sustainable design.

A never ending research of responsible and innovative solutions, that gave birth to totally Oeko-Tex certified flocked and doubled microfiber.

ILUNA can also celebrate its new STeP (Sustainable Textile Production) certification by Oeko-Tex, a certification that clarifies and communicates the company’s sustainable production commitment.

MarediModa will exhibit at MarediModa, Cannes 7-8-9 November 2017

source: Iluna group