18 October 2017

Taiana Blu summer collection 2019

The 2019 summer season by Taiana Blu is welcoming optimism and joy of living while standing out as a concentrate of pure vitality under the unique and exclusive signature Taiana. As to man’s wide room has been granted to geometric prints, fake camouflage, photographic and micro-details up to big sizes on textured backgrounds. Quite significant is jacquard, both yarn-died and piece-dyed, featured by tie-style patterns, re-interpreted camouflage, lancé and placed motifs. The Neon universe looks exciting and cutting-edge with its solid, plain, yarn-dyed, overprinted and checked fluorescent effects. “Green light” for customization of main and more basic items by either nylon and polyester, which can be specially processed according to customer’s needs.  Inside the framework of Taiana collections new attention has been devoted to the possible combination of swimsuit and shirt. On the woman’s side instead, Athleisure is coming to life with its marvelous development by Bellagio family whose successful results have been met through light, performing, covering, transpiring, non-deformable and UV-resistant effects. Still inside the sport universe and as a result of a long and careful research, the new development of Allure is today available with a kind of fabric which can easily and effectively reduce skin imperfections thanks to infra-red radiation emissions, can improve microcirculation, reduce muscle fatigue and lower the production of lactic acid. Ceramic microparticles are incorporated into the yarn while activating the FIR (Fire Infra Red) rays, i.e. the infrared rays which can both stimulate the cellular activity and interact with the first skin layer up to one centimeter depth, thus melting the fat which is eliminated by the blood flow. As to the pure swimsuit, the offer includes jacquards, bi-stretch, smooth and seersucker, yarn-dyed, textured and laminated up to textured denim and jacquard effects. The ‘contemporary classic’  range is particularly rich in its offer with the yarn-dyed developed on bi-stretch woven, ranging from vichy up to jacquard two-colours.