18 October 2017

Maglificio Ripa Splash Collection Summer 2019

Refined, Innovative, Glossy, Audacious. The 2019 Summer Splash collection by Ripa is a concentrate of pure style and creativity: a new approach to the beachwear universe ranging from “classics with an unprecedented twist” up to extremely innovative suggestions based on quite cutting-edge and nearly unattainable recipes.
Much room is granted both to stripes, a house specialty available in beautiful oranges, purples, blues and khakis, and fancy jacquards in their unique design and exclusive hand. Noteworthy is the development of the crochet knit, this year designed for both micro and macro stripes.
Although the dominant color is orange in the various degrees of intensity, equally important is white in its features of lightness and modernity throughout the collection: a key role to both enlighten fabrics with a cocooning-like aura and interact with the most audacious colors.
“Be bold!” is the catch-phrase of this collection, an absolute must.
As far as the high-definition prints are concerned, a wide range of themes is covered, from botanical to geometrics: prints that are never too common and never taken for granted but are the result of a careful and accurate project designing, often featured by new interpretation of historical motifs taken from the marvelous Ripa archives.
Print colors are consistent with knit collection. Once again oranges dominate, often played off against the neutrals and luscious greens of the arduous rainforests.
Light 2.0 Deep is the classic base-cloth for prints, a very high-profile quality standard in textiles, sought after by the best international brands and made possible thanks to Roica Colour Perfect, the dyeable elastomer which is a guarantee of excellent color depth.
A growing importance is recorded by textiles created with ROICA™ Clean Fit elastomer, especially developed for sportswear and underwear and able to guarantee an excellent odor-free performance for the whole garment life.
“It is a very cutting-edge project – says Luca Bianco, Sole Manager at Maglificio Ripa Spa – that we have so much trusted as to have already developed a very collection of fabrics dedicated to both sportswear and underwear performances. Our deeply rooted partnership with ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei aims at designing new revolutionary solutions for our customers”.
Along with ROICA™ Clean Fit and consistent with their natural “CLEAN oriented” instinct, Maglificio Ripa will present a range of recycled-polyamide fabrics to be matched to the ROICA™ Eco-Smart stretch family for a fully “green” product.
Still on the athleisure side, a jacquard collection by polypropylene stretch will be presented: a range of nice-handed compression but non-constraining double fabrics.
Noteworthy is also the Lurex base J2754  for simple prints featured by a touch of everlasting elegance.