18 October 2017

Lyma International new textures for beachwear and athleisure

 Regarding novelties for the SS 2019 Collection, Lyma International presents some new “texture” printed fabrics, that is, non usual smooth surfaced fabrics but Embossed fabrics that give tridimensional look to the prints.

They are mostly over printed with lamina and other special effects that are "hand made"and still have a very smooth hand and extreme confort and wearability. Those printed fabrics are specially proofed for swimwear and activewear.

Lyma also present an Athleisure dedicated prints collection and a special men’s boxer shorts print story. Athleisure prints are bold and sport-chic, printed on extreme comfy fabrics and mens shorts are modern and classy printed on extreme light and fast-drying fabric.

All to be seen in Mare di Moda Cannes 2017 stand 18

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