17 October 2017

Eusebio Confidence Division presents the new 2019 collection

CONFIDENCE, the beachwear division of EUSEBIO Spa presents a completely innovated collection to the beachwear marketplace with a new sales manager, Fabio Butti, and different collaborations in style and research.

The leitmotif of the collection is the possibility to match plain colours, proposed in a big colour card stock service, with a lot of patterned fabrics.

Eusebio Confidence Division proposes stretch jacquards in microfibre nylon, different innovative processing techniques, stretch lurex fabrics, opaque microfibre polyester fabrics; cotton, viscose and devorè products for out-of-water moments in colouring match with the printed collection.

From chic/sophisticated proposals to macro-flowers and macro-jungle images, little tribal/ethnic drawings, jeans effects, moved and colorfull stripes.

At “Mare di Moda” Eusebio Confidence Division will also present ACE Collection (Active Clothing Eusebio). ACE refers to athleisure and sportswear and it proposes super-stretch jersey, technical microfibre nylon fabrics, bounded and double face fabrics and technical fleece with different finishing processing techniques.

Eusebio S.p.A. - Confidence Division - stand 16 - MarediModa Cannes 7-8-9- November 2017. Click here to get your free-pass.