01 September 2017

Interview with Ilana Kugel & Olga Yaromenka - KORAL

Interview with Ilana Kugel (in the picture) co-founder of KORAL, the athleisure brand made in L.A. and Olga Yaromenka, designer.

When was your brand established?

Koral’s been around for about 4 years. We are relatively new but rapidly growing company.

How would you define the style of your brand?

Koral’s style is edgy, sophisticated, ready-to-wear inspired that is perfect for before, during and after workout activities.

Which are your collections main features?

Contemporary silhouettes, sophisticated colors, luxurious fabrics.

What matters to you most when designing a new collection?

We always try to make sure that our collections flow with the current fashion trends, that all pieces in the collection are comfortable to wear and look flattering on body. 

Koral - Holiday 2017 collection

Where did you get your inspiration for your newest collection?

Our newest Spring’18 collection was inspired by Old School Southern California lifestyle that is famous for it’s surfer/skater hippie vibe. We took inspiration from old magazines, sandy Los Angeles beaches and surfer movies.

Which kind of woman are your collections designed for?

We design for an active woman who wants to feel comfortable without compromising her sophisticated style; a woman who thinks outside the box and is not afraid to experiment with fashion.

Where is your production located? Why? 

We produce everything in Los Angeles, California. We like to have access to the factories and be able to monitor production process to ensure quality.

Where are your main fabric suppliers located? How important is the fabric choice?

We buy fabrics from the  suppliers from all over the world. Our main fabric suppliers are in Brazil, Japan and Italy. Fabrics are very important to us. We go for quality, not quantity.

Are there eco-friendly articles in your collections?

Our Tencel jersey is botanic in origin and eco-friendly.

Do you believe insustainable clothing production?

We do. Recycled fabrics qualities become better and better each season. We don’t use a lot of them yet; but it is definitely something we are on a look for. Zero-waste production is also something we are working on.

Koral - Holiday 2017 collection

Where do you see the ATHLEISURE industry heading in the next 5 years?

We believe that athleisure trend is going to grow and evolve in the next 5 years. People are becoming more health conscious and are moving toward healthy lifestyle. Athleisure trend  mixes everyday and activewear fashion giving people the ability to look stylish and feel comfortable during the day. Athleisure is a hybrid trend that doesn’t strictly limit you to the gym; it is perfect for all your daily activities.

OLGA, you visited MarediModa in 2014 when you were working for Parisa Apparel. Could you tell us your impressions about the show? Would you be interested in coming back?

I really enjoyed it. I remember seeing a lot of amazing fabrics, prints and trims ( mostly for lingerie and swim). I liked the intimacy of the show; it wasn’t overwhelming and I had a chance to really meet people and establish good relationships. It was really inspiring. I am happy to hear that vendors are now starting to explore athleisure/activewear world. I think it’ll be amazing to visit the show and see new, interesting active/athleisure fabric options and trends. We are constantly looking for new, exciting fabrics and we love to work with European suppliers. Hands down, quality is the best.