24 July 2017

MarediModa, protagonist of the 10th edition of Maredamare.

Large audience and positive commentaries for the MarediModa events scheduled on the occasion of the 10th edition of Maredamare, from 22 to 24 July in Florence. On Saturday, July 22, visitors could enjoy the official catwalk of MarediModa.

Companies such as Antares, Innotex, Brugnoli, Piave Maitex, Taiana, Textra, Maglificio Ripa, Fada Tessuti, Cevibi and Eurostick showed off their beachwear proposal for the summer 2019 by parading a selection of fabrics in form of swimsuits.

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Followed soon after by the young talents of THE LINK contest (Oana Barbos, Alba Carelli, Sherin Habib, Yuman He, Renata Kuti, Serena Iavarone, Francesca Missaglia and Margherita Paci) who stood out for their innovative outfits during the past edition of MarediModa.

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On Monday, July 24th, the prestigious Accademia Italiana in Florence tested its most talented students of the Fashion Design Course (Eleonora Bendoni, Eleonora Beni, Giada Bernasconi, Ingrid Dana Craciun, Xinfei Dai, Jessica Giachetti, Michelle Hoogland , Anna Malna, Misano Miyazaki, Adalgisa Mullano Ionne, Hieu Nguyen Minh, Lisa Perin, Moreno Camila, Andrea Rincon) on the Athleisure trend with fabrics courtesy of Ratti, E. Boselli and C. Spa, Bellieni, Cevibi, Carvico, Jersey Lomellina, Taiana and Piave Maitex.

The students from the Accademia Italiana were able to interpret the current Athleisure trend with a touch of pure innovation and creativity sometimes delicate, sometimes bold. The Athleisure will be also the leitmotiv which will run through the whole edition of the next Cannes trade show. In this regards, the most innovative outfits will be shown in a special gallery.