10 June 2017

Interview with Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, Carvico Group CEO

Only four women have been conferred upon the prestigious Knight of Labor Honor honour by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, among them the woman who leads one of the most important Italian textile groups in the world: Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, Carvico Group CEO.

First of all, we would like to sincerely congratulate with you on this prestigious honor which awards your work in a not easy business such as textile and at the same time it celebrates the results achieved by the Group Carvico thanks to your leadership.

The Gruppo Carvico, a real example of Italian excellence, represents since from the very beginning that know-how culture envied by the whole world. Mrs. Colnaghi you are one of the four Italian women awarded the Knight of Labor Honor by President Mattarella.

How do you feel? 

As you can imagine I feel joyful and proud. Actually, what is really satisfying is to experience that the long-continued hard work of our Group has been rewarded with one of the most prestigious recognitions in Italy. In a word, I am happy, happy to see that our continuity and perseverance in pursuing excellence in the textile field have been awarded.

Which are the features of a good entrepreneur?

I think that a good entrepreneur should be proud to see his company success, happy to be reliable for his growing clientele, ready to make investments allowing his company to be always competitive on global market 

Everybody tries to put into practice values and principles which considers unavoidable. Which are yours?

I would say that are the same which guides me in life, in sport and in work of course: honesty and perseverance even when facing the highest obstacles and the hardest goals.

What do you like the most in your job?

Perseverance (as stated above) is my main feature, I love challenges, and of course winning them, in my job I face new ones every day. It is stimulating, it is the best way to apace with the times, which is essential for a sector like ours.

What does being a woman mean in an entrepreneurial world where the leadership still belongs to men?

For sure, disparity between man and woman in entrepreneurship, especially in Italy, is an unresolved and unacceptable issue in 2017, anyhow, I can proudly say, that in Gruppo Carvico Group, and on personal level there is no discrimination or delegitimation caused by the fact of being a woman. Indeed, many of the managers here are women (and also wives and mums).

Carvico's style, its corporate attitude and tendency to innovation are key factors for the success of the Group. Which is the formula for feeding the growth?

It’s an easy and winning formula: to keep on investing in technology, machinery and people, this can make the difference when facing competitors i.e. to be always a step forward.  

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have always been reference companies of the textile business and also prestigious exhibitors at MarediModa trade show. According to you what should we expect in beachwear, underwear and sportswear from the European textile industry?

Needless to say that the last years were very difficult. The economic crisis hit everybody, none excluded, but now perspectives seem to be good and market signals encouraging. I see a growth in beachwear and sportswear, whilst  the intimates industry is, honestly, still in difficulties.

In your opinion, how important is a trade show such as MarediModa, focused on protection and promotion of the European textile industry?

Events like MarediModa trade show allow high quality textile industry, and therefore also us, who are the main players on stage, to advertise our product and demonstrate that passion and quality are key factors to bring about competitive products internationally recognized.

Carvico has been committing on eco-sustainability for years, could you tell us about company policies and product innovations you have introduced in recent years and about the latest news on to the horizon?

I can truly say, without false modesty, that nowadays Carvico site is a jewel in the eco-friendly successful entrepreneurship , with atmospheric emissions 10 times lower than the law limit . Without entering into detail of each slight adjustment  we made in each parts of the whole factory – from last generation lamps without mercury, to water and thermic energy recovery – just to make two examples – but for sure we have a better resource exploitation according to certified environmental data; our productive activities aim at a conscious and sustainable development and above all to a continuous and diligent research of eco-sustainable raw materials. This is the way we won’t to build our future, our objective is to make really eco-friendly fabrics. We have already achieved our purpose with VITA and Renew, our “green Fabrics” for excellence which are successfully appreciated on the market.