01 July 2017

VOIMENT, the new brand launched by two young talents discovered by MarediModa

Ruwen Song and Yuman He, two Chinese designers graduated from the prestigious London College of Fashion, are the latest talents, in chronological order, launched by MarediModa THE LINK contest.

In 2014 Ruwen Song was one of the finalist with a refined, retro style beachwear collection.

Yuman He won the last year’s award thanks her minimal nevertheless of great elegance intimate collection.

VOIMENT collection, launched throughout these days, comes from their collaboration


VOIMENT as a designer intimate brand, would be constructed with recognizable identity.

·         Conceptual and innovative

·         Playful

·         Attention to detail

·         Made with personalities

·         Revealing the popular culture

·         Sustainability

·         Public interaction

About VOIMENT AW18 collection,

The swimwear range refers to the scar of the earth, be inspired by geographical structure, where damages and industrial pollution have been made by human beings, has left scars on the natural surface. The colour palette is inspired from the artist J. Henry Fair’s “Industrial Scar” photography project; petrol, moss, rose, azure, blush, burnt orange and burgundy are all with a sense of vivid paint colours, reflecting the shades of industrial pollution especially in water. Recycled swimwear Lycra are used in this collection, which refers back to the theme of rethinking about environmental pollution. Different textures are used to translate the surface of the earth, such as embroidered hem, beading details and embroidered tulle. The design of layering and organic shapes are corresponded to the silhouette and contour of the scarring ground and polluted water. It is an eco-friendly range that provides the chance to respect the earth from one individual.

The lingerie range refers to the scar of human body. The skin of the earth shares the similarity with the skin of human beings, especially that intimate wear made by leather and tulle is like a second skin for women.

Scars are the unique signs of a part of our bodies, and this collection is about presenting it. This range is made in skin tone colours, and emphasizing on its ‘breaks’ instead of hiding them. The flipped open back detail is like an unhealed scar, and the mini pears in-between sheer layers are like the surgery threads left in our body. The cracked shape leather in gold refers to Kintsukuroi, which is a Japanese fixing method to revitalize broken pottery with new life by using a special lacquer dusted with powdered gold. As most of women can loose their nipple after mastectomy, each bra in this collection has one or a pair of pearls at bust point. Some of the pearl nipples were hidden behind tulle layers, and some have been shown on the top cup layer. It is more like a statement rather than a prosthetic; women's nipples are a natural part of the body. It does not need to be hided under a cover. For those women with breast cancer surgery, losing nipple doesn’t mean to lose femininity, they are still women and beautiful from inside out.