15 May 2017

Mr. Marco Borioli has been reconfirmed president of MarediModa


The member companies of MarediModa S.c.a.r.l., gathered  on May 15th , confirmed, on the occasion of the annual assembly,  confirmed the outgoing Board Members which includes Mr. Roberto Bellieni - Bellieni S.r.l., Mr. Marco Borioli - Cevibi S.p.a., Mr. Paolo Fila - Maglificio Ripa S.p.a., Mr. Francesco Pozzi -Textra S.r.l. and Mr. Claudio Taiana - Taiana S.p.a.

The Councilors appointed again Mr. Marco Borioli, president for the two-year period 2017/2018.
"I am actually very proud of the trust which it has been confirmed to me by the board members; I am confident that we will face the upcoming challenges, united and close as usual. Starting from our approach to the world of athleisure which will be celebrated during the next edition of MarediModa after the success of the in-depth analysis presented on the occasion of the 2016 edition. It’s time to widen our arms to this rapidly expanding trend which will continue in the coming years. In general, our business is showing signs of recovery and Maredimoda intends to keep on supporting its exhibitors in market development so as to stand side by side of its visitors in order to offer the widest selections of innovative items strictly European " .