18 May 2017

Interview with Sherin Habib and Margherita Paci

It is in full swing The Link, the talent-scouting contest organized and promoted by MarediModa and aimed at identifying the best creative talents in the beachwear and underwear sector. (Click here to see the names of the semi-finalists). We interviewed two of the 2016 finalists to discover the personal and creative journey that led to a career in the fashion industry.

Interview with Sherin Habib and Margherita Paci 

Your Name:                        

S: Sherin                    

M: Margerita

Your family name:

S: Habib

M: Paci


S: 25 (not yet)

M: 24

Main feature of your character?

S: I feel free

M: Joyful

Your favourite colour?

S: Black

M: warm calours

Your favourite song?

S: Black dei Peral Jam (click here)

M: Bliss dei Muse (click here)

Your favourite painter?

S: René Magritte

M: Van Gogh

The book you love the most?

S: “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” by Haruki Murakami

M: "The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

The movie you like the most?

S: Mainly science fiction movies  

M: Forrest Gump

The trip you enjoyed the most?

S: I was in Greece some years ago, I lived in Greece for many years and I didn’t return there for a long time. I travelled by car. It was really intense, I felt very relaxed.

M: Santorini, I liked it very much

The city where you’d like to live?

S: Rome and also Beograd

M: Florence

Where does your passion for fashion come from?

S: I have been designing dresses since I was a child but I had never thought about studying fashion, then I realized the existence of specific schools. I started while I was attending high school and then I understood that fashion was the right way for me.

M: Well, I was of the opinion that fashion could not become a real job, but later I realized that my creativity, my hobbies, my passions could turn into a job.

How should you define your style?

S: Experimental, for sure.

M: Elegant

Let’s talk about your experience with the contest THE LINK by MarediModa

Have you previously explored the Intimates/beachwear industry?

S: Yes I have. I had a 6 month internship when I was 16 in a style bureau of beachwear in Rome. Before that experience I had never taken into consideration the beachwear industry, later I realized I was a very interesting sector, a bit niche, less considered than the apparel industry.

M: No, I haven’t. It was my first approach to intimates sector.

Why did you decide to partecipate in THE LINK contest?

S: Because after graduation I felt the need to develop a project of my own, I wanted to make it my way and THE LINK was the right opportunity.

M: To make an experience, to test me

Your first thought when you was told to be one of the finalists?

 S: I did not know I had been selected since I did not receive any news. I decided to check the finalists’ names on Facebook, I was deluded at first, then I noticed my name and I was really happy.

M: Absolutely happy!

What did you like the most of the experience in Como on the occasion of comOn creatività week?

S: comON was really interesting. In a few days we had the opportunity to visit many textile and fashion companies, that I did not know. We stepped into companies, we saw how they operate, it was very interesting and Como is also a very nice city.  

M: I really liked meeting students from all over the world. The day organized by MarediModa included a visit to Pierre Mantoux which allowed me to understand how a brand of hosiery, beachwear and intimates operates. It was very instructive.

What did you like the most from the MarediModa Cannes experience?

S: It was great to have our own a stand, to talk to people who stopped there, they were really interested in the projects we presented. It was a great experience.

M: Also in Cannes I enjoyed sharing the experience with students from other cultures and education. This allowed me to understand how they work. It was very interesting to visit the textile companies' stands and see the new fashion trends. The experience in general was very positive.

Was it more stressful than funny?

S: Stressful and funny at the same time. Each person you approach deserves energy i.e. they ask you to explain your project, how you developed it and message which is in it.

M: It was funny !

You have been selected by Ratti SpA (contest’s partner for the edition 2016) for an internship.

How important is this textile experience for aspiring stylists like you?

S: It is very important especially because our role in Ratti s.p.a. is that of Product Manager. This gives us the opportunity to see how the different style offices operate and how the brand designers  deal with us who are their suppliers. It's the other side of the business I have known, it's very important, not all designers have the chance to experience this kind of training, which is fundamental.

M: In my opinion, it is a fundamental, an indispensable step for a stylist. it represents the basis for starting a career in fashion. Working as  Product Managers, we have the opportunity to focus on product development with our customers, we work behind designers and style offices of finished product companies.

Which are your tips for a young student who wants to become a fashion designer?

S: to know very well what he has do to. Starting from materials, from fabrics. You cannot think to carry out a project without a deep knowledge of materials you are going to use.

M: Go for it, try it in every way with your passion.