18 October 2017

Espunto new collection: exotic textures and 70s nostalgia

Espunto collection will mainly follow two of the themes defined by MarediModa


Chosen for its connection to nature with its deep colours and exotic fabric textures. Our designs and colours are inspired by this theme.


We are infected by the madness and fun of this theme and the nostalgia it evokes.  In this case we have used designs that take us back to the 70s, using repetitions and irregular shapes, playing with intense and eye-catching colours.

For underwear we have gone with a melange effect, both with smooth and stripe surfaces, giving a torn sensation combined with abstract as well as geometric designs.  We also have classic lingerie, delicate with lurex and transparency.

Finally, we have opted for a metallic theme using gold, silver and bonze to give our swimwear designs and fabrics a touch of sophistication.