18 October 2017

Jersey Lomellina, fitness, sport & athleisure fabrics

Jersey Lomellina will present the new fitness, sport and athleisure collections at MarediModa 7-8-9 November 201


Bristol _ Belonging to a family of ribbed fabrics, Bristol features extra thin ribs which make it look more compact and give strength to its structure; it is therefore ideal both for small inserts to be added to fitness garments and for “extraordinary”, trendy beachwear items.

- 3D _ 3D is a piquet fabric with an ultra thin structure, featuring an intriguing three-dimensional surface effect which makes garment look richer and original. It ensures a perfect fit thanks to its high, bi-directional elasticity and has been awarded the prestigious LYCRA® BEAUTY and LYCRA® SPORT certificates. Perfect for beachwear, suitable for fitness, sportswear and activewear, it is also ideal for running, athleisure and casual outfits.

- b-fit _  JL double face fabrics: “B-Fit Fantasy” puts together the benefits of polyamide, in a mèlange version, and those brought about by polyester, in a solid version, thanks to its bonded structure which makes it soft and comfy. Ideal for fitness, it is also highly appreciated when used for the creation of beachwear items. If you are after a fabric guaranteeing extra bright printed affects, you will love “B-Fit BW”. Black on one side and  White on the other, it is perfect for trendy, breathable athleisure garments and for fully lined swimsuits.