17 October 2017

Ratti Setamarina, the new proposals for Spring-Summer 2019 and the eco-friendly collections

Ratti Setamarina invites you to see the new proposals for women's and men's beachwear fabrics at the Cannes Fashion Show 2017, booth no. 64.

An ever-richer collection for summer 2019, consisting of mix and match designs, colour-block fantasies, exotic paisleys, jungle and tropical flowers in flattering colours -  seductive, and at the same time, modern.

The new introduction this season is the "responsible collection", a capsule of 16 eco-friendly items, incorporating 100% green yarns, and printed using more environmentally responsible processes.

Ratti's focus on sustainability is a result of its continued investment in industrial process innovation, which is reflected in the new Athleisure 2019 collection, the concept first launched at MarediModa last November, but enriched this year by regenerated polyamide fabrics and eco-friendly prints. A chic sports collection that reflects women's desires for comfort, elegance and attention to both well-being and the environment.


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