Artificial Intelligence for the advertising "The Link" campaign 2023

Artificial Intelligence for the advertising “The Link” campaign 2023

After the successful edition 2022 , THE LINK contest (watch the video of the fashion show) entrusts the launch of its new edition to artificial intelligence featuring an innovative campaign with a strong emotional impact.
Keeping pace with technological innovations and focused on experimentation, THE LINK has designed its image 2023 edition using DALL-E, the new artificial intelligence system which creates images according to a natural language-based process. This is a way to communicate young people and young talents that creativity is boundless. Daring is the key to explore new languages and to offer new and pure stimuli to the business, out the usual commercial box.

THE LINK competition, organized by MarediModa is a real pioneer in fashion talent scouting. It involves 100 European Fashion Design schools by motivating the best talents of tomorrow in beachwear, underwear and athleisure.

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