Keeping in touch with your suppliers is very important today. It’s vital.

MarediModa, in this uncertain scenario and travel difficulty, has developed a simple and linear project to put collections online by offering an essential service to its exhibitors and visitors. Altogether, we must restore contacts in a new way to avoid the system get stuck in a kind of short circuit from which it would be hard to get out.

MarediModa Digital Show aims to be an effective working tool each company can use to present its collections, and exclusive articles, in a private and safe section.

MarediModa has designed a virtual stand to meet visitors and offer from remote the possibility to see collections, make selections establishing a commercial contact from any device.

Let’s keep the relationship alive without unproductive breaks. This is the time to introduce new work tools, to approach innovative digital sales techniques.  Let’s reconnect each other right away.

MarediModa Digital Show will be online from 16 November until April 2021 to offer the following services:

1) A virtual showroom for each exhibitor

2) SS 2022 Trends

3) Photos and video of THE LINK fashion contest