Dreaming of summer, the swimsuit on the big screen.

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Dreaming of summer, the swimsuit on the big screen.

These endless days need ideas to pass the time, to take us as far away as possible and make us dream of summer. The swimsuit is a garment which contains a special energy, it’s a unique narrative, a space-time door towards beauty. We have tried to make a selection of some “beach” themed movies of all the times, a bikini parade of the most unforgettable scenes to be watched over and over again.

Among these, it’s worthwhile mentioning “Life of Pi”, also for the relationship with our Shivan & Narresh (winners of The Link contest) who made the costumes of the wonderful opening scene. Enjoy the show and get your popcorn ready.

This is our top 10 :




Girl In the Bikini, 1952

Starring a very young Brigitte Bardot who stirs up a scandal with a too daring bikini for that time. One year later BB wears a bikini on the Croisette throughout the Film Festival of Cannes launching definitively a new style.





To catch a thief, 1955

Cannot you wait to be in Cannes? So can we. What is better than this thriller by Alfred Hitchcock starring Grace Kelly and Cary Grant? The film, set on the on the Côte d’Azur, features a scene portraying all the charm of the beachwear




Dr. No, 1962

A movie of the 007 saga and its most famous scene in the history of the bikini: Ursula Andress emerging from the sea. Probably the most celebrated bikini of all the times, an icon in the history of fashion and cinema as well





Bikini Beach, 1964 or Beach Blanket Bingo, 1965

Two of the many “beach party movies”  livening up the American film panorama of the ‘60s. A faithful portrait of the desire for freedom of a generation. Flimsy plots, a lot of music and an overview of wonderful costumes…






La Piscine, 1969

A psychological thriller revolving around the apparent calm of a Côte d’Azur swimming pool. Two extraordinary characters Alain Delon and Romy Schneider




Big Wednesday, 1978

The surfing movie par excellence, the icon of a generation. A celebration of beach life and a praise to freedom. Sculpted bodies, legendary music and swimsuits à go-go.




10, 1979

With Bo Derek starring the role of woman of dreams, her run on the beach wearing a one-piece swimsuit is memorable.





Swept away, 2002 or better Swept Away… by an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August, 1974

Both of them is even better! Madonna vs. Mariangela Melato playing a very original comedy focused on shipwrecking. The only piece of garment is the swimsuit.




Mamma mia, 2008,

A movie scenting of lightheartedness and longing for holiday. The beach-filmed sequence accompanied by the sound of “Lay All Your Love On Me” by ABBA, is a blaze of costumes and an overwhelming rhythm…



Life of Pi, 2012

The Oscar-winning film by Ang Lee. The protagonist’s name is actually Piscines Molitor and the opening scene filmed in the iconic swimming pool in Paris refers to two past finalists of the MarediModa “THE LINK” competition “Shivan & Narresh” who designed the  film costumes.

Enjoy your movie!



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