Legoplast, innovative and certified sustainable packaging solutions

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Legoplast, innovative and certified sustainable packaging solutions

The research on new sustainable materials has allowed us to widen our packaging solutions.

Our material range does not include only recyclable and reusable plastics. We can also offer packaging in bioplastic coming from sugar cane, recycled certified materials, compostable packaging, textile bags, and paper solutions.

OKCOMPOST certification
We have recently acquired TUV Austria certification for our line of compostable packaging BIOCOMPOST.
The certification OK COMPOST INDUSTRIAL is valid for both high and low thicknesses and it was awarded thanks to different tests on our products complying with European regulation UNI EN 13432.



Sustainable company policy

Both our sustainable packaging and business culture reflect our sustainable policy.
Firstly, industrial waste is given and sold to other companies or it is internally used to produce recycled materials.

Secondly, thanks to the use of renewable sources, LED lights, and an energy control system during different production stages, energy consumption has been reduced by more than 20%.

Lastly, we have recently installed a photovoltaic system for producing independently solar energy. Thanks to this last investment, our factory has now modern technologies for the environment protection.

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