Legoplast: sustainable tailor made packaging 

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Legoplast: sustainable tailor made packaging 

Attention to details, creativity and originality, focus on the latest trends, search and study of specific materials; these are all Legoplast’s essential ingredients for giving value to clothes and protecting them during their handling and display.

The combination between different shapes and finishes, a wide variety of transparent, frosted, and coloured textures and the foil, serigraphic and flexographic printings allow the company to offer tailored solutions.

Visit the virtual stand and find your packaging. Thanks to a simple online tour you can choose the best solution, which meets your needs and reflects the image of your company. Personalize online your packaging. Follow this link:

Growth and innovation based on the research of new green technologies permit Legoplast to develop different packaging solutions that are produced with classic 100% recyclable plastic materials, bioplastic and recycled materials. All these high standard solutions have been studied and developed in order to help the consumer to reuse the packaging. Legoplast’s flagships are degradable materials PP-Eco and PE-Eco, biobased and compostable solutions that maintain the same characteristics of the classic plastic materials in terms of strength, flexibility and durability.