MarediModa and Fashion Channel: together to spread the culture of beauty and well-made

MarediModa and Fashion Channel: together to spread the culture of beauty and well-made

For several years now, Fashion Channel, Europe’s most important web TV with over three million subscribers, has been a partner of MarediModa. This partnership has been confirmed for 2024 as well, allowing MarediModa’s contents to reach a very wide international audience.

We talk about it with Beatrice Spediacci, Fashion Channel journalist:

  • Fashion Channel has always been at the forefront of all the most important international events in the fashion system with reports and interviews of the major players in the sector. Can you briefly tell us your experience with the Cannes show?

“For Fashion Channel, a media which aims at covering all the main fashion, haute couture events and festivals is essential an in-depth knowledge of the supply chain starting from raw material. Getting to know about the whole manufacturing process that leads to the creation of a garment or of a collection; discovering how a fiber is obtained and processed is like exploring the “DNA” of a dress or of any other item. Fashion is often told and seen through fairs, presentations and runway shows.  In reality, fashion is a matter of supply chain, or better: it is thanks to the strength of the production chains, of the districts, of the workforce that fashion has beautiful stories to tell”.

– LYCRA®, partner of MarediModa, presented its latest novelties in Cannes and the interview you conducted describes the brand’s strategy very well. How was it helpful to hear it live?

Listening to real opinions, from real people with a great vision like Alistair Williamson and the whole LYCRA® company, allows our audience to get closer to essential and urgent topics of the fashion system, such as sustainability. Interactions with our audience make me aware that some topics are still unclear even for insiders like us.  There is often a feeling of distrust or caution in approaching these topics. People try to trust each others, and hopefully the media too. A spokesperson like Williamson, who talks about the development of a project, from its embryo stage to the finished product, has the power to make people feel reassured and informed, closer to a world that often appears nebulous. And for us from FASHION CHANNEL, public trust is essential. We try to tell beautiful and exciting stories, based on truth”. (watch the video interview)