OVER THE TOP: Gender is just a label! - CADICA

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OVER THE TOP: Gender is Just a label! – CADICA

Cadica collection, launched as a preview in December, originates from an accurate analysis based on materials selection and products involved. Future trends, such as cultural diversity and genderless, have been significant in influencing the collections of top brands. This had lots of impact to determine some key elements, like ageless garments, identity, circularity, “less is better”. “Nowadays there are many scenarios that are deconstructing what was meant to be “normal” few months ago. The reflection starts from identifying a new life scenario: rigid, cold but reassuring.” Said Mr. Carlo Parisatto Chief Marketing Officer CMO of Cadica Group “We can recognize three most important elements: the first one is about human centrality, with his body and his vulnerability; then we have the feeling of powerlessness, inability of rebellion against changes; and last but not least, the need to understand the connection between new values and hybridization.” The collection will be produced under the banner of responsibility, with fewer products but richer in details, a targeted collection for unisex and no gender style that will reduce waste and samples; we can say that fashion chose fluidity to promote sustainability. That’s why Cadica Group’s SS22 Collection no longer has a dedicated sustainable capsule, because the ethical choice is inherent in all proposals making it 100% circular. The collection thus drops to 4 style capsules:

° FLUID – every genre’s collection

° TIMELESS – everyday’s collection, focused on letter and denim

° LAB – active collection

° HIGH – tailoring and luxury collection Concerning the trends, shapes and colors that inspired the collection, we can separate it into four scenarios: Tactility, Monumental, Over The Top, Forever Blue.

TACTILITY Is divided into two opposite sections, the colors whites and earthy tones with nude shades. The softness and lightness of the materials used resemble body skin. Transparency and natural fabrics suggest the idea of sustainability as something modern and suitable.

OVER THE TOP: Inspired by nowadays culture, strongly identified as superficial, but that actually is about globalization and freedom; be how you want when you want. This is a theme that will appear in the next season too. Colors of this line are bright and strong, to catch your attention. The meaning is clearly to give a cut to all the conventional social and cultural boundaries and express our inner self.

MONUMENTAL: Inspired by urban Renewal, Punk Chic Attitude, Brutalism, Resilience. Garments appear to be very functional, protective and super garnished. Design related to Neolithic art: materials and textures come from silver, minerals, metal finishes, malleable and ductile substances. Strong, textured, raw structures. Heavy, dense, protective fabrics.

FOREVER BLUE: Is the Cadica soul, an evergreen. This SS22 collection talks about sustainable denim, blue colors and tie-dye. Huge volumes and irregular shape sug-gests the spirit of the collection: functionality, genderless, workwear and timeless. The final goal of this line is to spread out the concept of recycle, reuse and artisanal look.