Softness and Sensuality: MUEHLMEIER launches new BreastSoothing BraCups

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The new Bra experience is about Softness and Sensuality
MUEHLMEIER launches new BreastSoothing BraCups

Fit it… Feel it… Love it… The New Sensuality!

Breast-poking wires are out. The bra is a soft and sensual piece of breast adornment.
Inspired by athleisure tops, the happening under-breast-bands in bralettes and crop-tops need soft and still supportive BraCups with cosy brushed covers.
MUEHLMEIER offers the right BraCup components for this cosy trend: The new BreastSoothing BraCups for Lingerie, Swim- and Activewear.
1. The environmentally friendly and skin-friendly M-iFoam BraCups
2. The upgraded WireFree BraCups with Sensual Support
3. The Real Breast Feel BraCups with Natural Breastlike Structure
4. The new Jacquard Spacer patterns
MUEHLMEIER is the proven specialist for BraCups out of Spacer fabrics. This collection has also been expanded with playful and sexy Jacquard Spacer padding material and nude & transparent M-Spacer BraCups.

MUEHLMEIER is a family-owned German engineering company established in 1949. Since “Wonderbra”, the company is operating on the forefront of innovative BraCup-development. The decades of professionalism on the Breast Line makes MUEHLMEIER the true Breastshaping specialist. A piece of lingerie is only as good, as the BraCup which is applied.
The M-BraCups by MUEHLMEIER are fitted according to proven standards of electronic Cup-Sizing synchronized with underbreast band sizes. The claim for state of the art Breastshaping is more and more demonstrated on a brand’s bra with labels M-BraCup INSIDE by MUEHLMEIER.
The leading international supplier for BraCups, Bra Components and ShoulderPads serves 60 countries with more than 32 representatives around the world.