Waterworld:  2026 trend exploration by  David Shah

Waterworld:  2026 trend exploration by David Shah

Waterworld is the key word in the trend forecasting for summer 2026, by the MarediModa Trend Board headed by David Shah. Trend directions 2026 are revealed on the occasion of the unmissable presentation which takes place on May 6th for all MarediModa Cannes exhibitors.

“Creative buoyancy, sharing and discipline. A journey to discover the depths of the oceans, where water generates and holds secrets and stories to explore. A world of water with all its life force, unstoppable flow and continuous movement that produces beauty and wonder.” David Shah

The trend presentation is open exclusively to exhibitors enrolled in the edition 2024 of MarediModa Cannes, a preview of the trends is also showcased during MarediModa MIAMI (1-2-3 June @ Cabana) and MarediModa MILANO (9-10-11 July @Milano Unica).